Monday, January 21, 2008

Friends and Family of Jimmy Lowe

Dear Friends and Family of Jimmy Lowe,

This blog is dedicated to our dear friend Jimmy Lowe. We are sad to have such a page, but blessed to have had such a wonderful friend in our lives. I will be updating this page often and I hope to make this a place for everyone who loved him, to share their happy memories, thoughts and prayers to one another. We invite all who knew him to share a memory, a story, something special.

We have all been touched by the life of this very special and talented man. And his memory will forever glow in our hearts.

We will be adding stories of our own, but for now, I would like to share Jimmy's obituary, as posted in the Times Herald-Record. For other pictures, blogs and postings related to Jimmy, please visit myspace:

Thank you to everyone, for your continued support and prayers. More to come...

Here is a copy of Jimmy's obituary. (Thank you to Stephanie for finding and posting this originally). There will also be an obituary and service for Jimmy here in Fairbanks, I am told within the next few weeks. Thank you to all of our friends and family who have offered such support during this time. Please continue to pray for Jimmy's family and his wonderful children, Jake and Maisey.

Jimmy, our dear friend, you will be missed and loved more than words can say.

James G. "Jimmy" Lowe Houston, TX

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James G. Lowe of Houston, TX, formerly of Montgomery and Fairbanks, Alaska, died Saturday, January 12, 2008 in Pine Bush. He was 37.

The son of James M. Lowe and Marie M. Megginson VanDusen, he was born June 15, 1970 in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Jim was a business analyst for Global Companies out of Waltham, MA and formerly a police officer in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Survivors include his mother & father Marie and Robert VanDusen of Pine Bush, Father Ret. Police Lt. Jim M. Lowe and his wife Nancy of Fairbanks, Alaska; daughter Maisey Maire Lowe; son Jake Roderick Lowe both of Fairbanks, Alaska; former wife Michelle Lowe of Fairbanks, Alaska; sister Rachel Lowe and her husband Ken Piddington; nephew Gehrig Piddington of Houston, TX; brother Jordan VanDusen and fiancee Maggie Gallagher of Pine Bush, NY; close friends Allison Rutter of Phoenix, AZ and Matt Rector of NYC; as well as his beloved K9 partner, Keva.

Jimmy was a well-respected and loved member of all the communities of which he was a part, responsible for spear-heading the Canine Unit and former Chief of the Volunteer Fire Department in Fairbanks, AK. He was an accomplished musician and artist, and will be remembered for his humorous personality and love of people.

Friends are invited to visit at his parents' home on Friday, January 18 from 4-8 p.m., 195 Drexel Dr., Pine Bush, NY. The family requests visitors bring a memory or memento of Jimmy for the children's memory book.

Memorial contributions may be made for his children to the custodial account for Maisey & Jake Lowe, P.O. Box 10824, Fairbanks, AK 99710. Cards would be warmly received for the children at the above address as well.

Cremation will be in Cedar Hill Cemetery in Newburgh, NY.Arrangements were made by Millspaugh Funeral Directors. 845-561-8300

Published in the Times Herald-Record on 1/17/2008.


John D said...

Best one I can think of is him giving the toast at our wedding. He starts off with this whole John is off the market speel. I'm like what the heck is he doing. He goes on and on and tells those in attendance he needs all the keys back from my apartment. I am by this time MORTIFIED. Only to find out that they have passed them out to most everyone in the place. Soon there are 60 year old women coming up, my friends mom's. And waiting for the very end my good friend and customer Tim comes strolling up and drops his key on the table. Priceless. That was a great day for us made even better by Jimmy.

One more. When we worked at Beaver Sports we had horrible elevator music. So to amuse ourselves we would sing. Jimmy having high range starts in with "Its my party and I'll cry if I want to" I of course follow suit. We do this thinking we are alone of course. Right about then a customer comes strolling out of a corner we could not see. Looks at us then busts out laughing and walks up the stairs. MORTIFYING. Jimmy enjoyed my embarresment to its fullest.

H_r1chmond said...

OK... Sue Ann and John would probably know the song I am talking about( I still have no idea what it is).... Jimmys band would practice at the bar I worked at.... all I remember is "and I know" seemed like it was repeated 5,000 times in that one night! I'd be like Jimmy...I KNOW!!!! BUT, it was Jimmy:) he did know it got on my nerves!:) My fav. song is "wonderful tonight" and Jimmy DID NOT care if 5 other people had already sung that song...if I wanted to hear it he would be right up on that stage with a smile on his face:) I LOVED that song...I soon learned that it wasnt just the song that I loved,it was the man that would sing it to me 5,000 times in one night (if need be:) I can say Jimmy was my best friend and even though we havn't seen each other for the past year... I KNOW he would say the same of me!

Carol said...

I have so many memories of this amazing man. I have known him since he was a teenager. He use to hang out at my place watching movies, eating popcorn strumming on his guitar. We have had many camping trips together and he loved scaring me to death in the tent.I hate bugs and should never have told him that. He would lie about one being on me just to hear me scream. And we all know that laugh of his. I attended his wedding to Michelle. He was a proud man. Michelle my bell he would sing. He was really broken up when Zeke bit him on the lip. He called me in shock. We have laughed and cried together. He attended my daughters graduation and loved her like a sister. He has always been there for us when we needed him. How can we put a lifetime of memories in such a small space. The only real things to say about him is he loved his children, his family, and his friends. His heart was big and he touched us all. Our lives are different because of him. We love you and miss you Jimmy.

MissBunny said...

I didn't meet many of Jimmy's close friends, but he is a man very dear to my heart. It was about three or four years ago that I met Jimmy. I was hanging out at one of the bars in town and I had witnessed a girl get hit over the head with a beer bottle. Jimmy was on duty at the time and he came into the bar and asked the bouncer what had happened. The bouncer directed Jimmy my way and said ask her, she would be able to better explain what happened. I went outside to give my statement to Jimmy and when we were done he invited me to his birthday party that was two weeks away. Since that first night, Jimmy was always there for me and helped me through a lot. We hung out quite a bit and always did kareoke together at either the Greyhound or the Spur. When Jimmy moved to TX last year, I lost contact with him until he was up here for Thanksgiving. We got to hang out together one night before he went home and that last night we hung out together will be a night that I will remember ALWAYS. Jimmy had an extremly big heart and was always there for his friends. With his positive attitude, and wonderful sense of humor, he could turn any frown upside down. Jimmy touched the lives of me and many of our mutual friends. I will be forever greatful that I had the opportunity to have known him. A man that I can call a true friend. Jimmy you are loved and missed. I will see you again one day when I get to Heaven.


Anonymous said...

JJ (the nickname I called him by ),
would occasionally buy an El Mate from College Coffee Shop.One particular evening he was talking to one of the homeless folk just outside the door. I heard him on his radio say, J.C. He knew me well enough to know I believed in Jesus Christ, and the homeless guy was always preaching bible verses. JJ then looked at me and said, John something is the mans name.
Next thing I know JJ is delivering mail to JC that was kept at the police station.
Another time I saw JJ joking around with another homeless man, one that many rejected. But JJ ALWAYS shown compassion and kindness to this man.
This was when I realized,JJ is a gem of a man.

Another time JJ was on duty, and my vehicle would not start. I asked for help.He arrived immediately and jumped started my vehicle for me.

Everyone at the College Coffee Shop
loved to see JJ he was so funny and so helpful.
I told him one day that he has such a good heart.
He replied...
Even in high school I have always had feelings for others that were disabled in some way.

I am so shocked and so very sad and so sorry that he was taken from us so soon.

John D said...


There is one mental image that will forever be unshakable in my mind. Jim had a special dance that I aptly named the Jimmy dance. Think Elaine on Seinfeld only male and funnier. He would manage to pull it out at the most inappropriate time. On Police calls in uniform was a favorite. I would be riding along with him (our favorite pass time) we would be going somewhere and he would hear music and start doing it. I would be trying to be straight faced and just bust out laughing. So funny, I never thought that the times working with him were going to be the most enjoyable of my career we made no money. But work has never been so much fun.

I have told a few people of his antics with changing song lyrics. If you listened to the radio with him he would sing along and change the words. His absolute favorite to change was "Just a gigilo" which he changed to just a Jimmy Lowe and various other goofy changes. He is the reason I learned to play the guitar. First song he taught me was the outfield "I don't want to lose your love". Music will be changed without him.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jimmy! We still love you, miss you, and think about you everyday!