Thursday, January 31, 2008

Tenacious Jimmy

Sorry it has been a while since we last posted. This has been a difficult past few weeks as you all know, and as I'm sure are all experiencing as well.

We think about Jimmy daily and are working hard at the beginnings of this healing process. Please know that all of you, his dear friends and family, are in our thoughts and prayers daily as well. We share in your sorrow, your confusion, your happy memories and your love of this wonderful man.

We have been informed that Jimmy's memorial get-together will be held at Big Daddy's BBQ on Feb. 6th at 7:00pm. I will reconfirm this time with his family this weekend, and re-post it on Monday on this blog as well as my MySpace blog ( I hope to see you all there, and those who are out of state or not able to attend, I pray you will be there in spirit, and continue to pray for Jimmy's family and children during this time.

We are not looking forward to the harsh reality of the evening, but are happy to be able to dedicate a night to do fun things such as karaoke, in the celebration of Jimmy's life. Particularly at a place Jimmy loved like Big Daddy's. How appropriate to the fun loving man he was.

I would like to take this opportunity to share a little memory about Jimmy, as I have not yet done so:

I'll never forget the day my husband and I introduced Jimmy to the world that is... Tenacious D. Jimmy wasn't familiar with them at that time and we had all gone shooting together and we were sitting in the car, about to leave when we decided to put the cd in. If Jimmy could have hit the floor laughing, he would have. He was absolutely floored, and became an instant, DIE HARD fan of "the D". I just remember thinking, this is SO Jimmy, I couldn't believe he hadn't heard them before! It is one of the times I heard Jimmy laugh the hardest. It was magic. And now, I can never hear them without thinking of Jimmy.

And to further the silliness, Jimmy had Sasquatch as one of his friends on his MySpace page (not sure if it had to do with the D or not.) And one day I was on his page and I noticed that I was lower on his top friends list, and that Sasquatch was above me! Oh man, I gave him an earful for that! It was hilarious! I sure miss giving him a hard time about Sasquatch... When he moved away, MySpace turned into our biggest form of communication, and I will miss our jokes terribly, as I miss everything about him.

Well, that is one of many awesome memories Jimmy has blessed me with. I will post more of them soon. Thanks for listening.

Please remember to share anything you like about your times with J-Lowe. We really want to hear them all :O) Thanks again and God bless~

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